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Human nature has made people jump into markets at their heights and greed, from easy finance, dubious property clubs to a plethora of T.V shows which have fed the recent boom, until it was no longer sustainable and crash everybody starts running for cover. So, why should you be thinking of investing in rental property now?

It is an asset that is real; you can see it, touch it and increase the value of it. Long term capital value has risen by approximately 9% per year since 1973 (past investment figures don't necessarily reflect future performance). Attractive rental income and significant tax advantages are available. However, there is a shortage of housing in the UK, which given time should support prices and increase the likelihood of potential capital gains.

Buy to Let Property Ladder?

The first steps include being careful, as the first property is the most important and the most difficult to get right!

Our advice is simple:
  • Do your homework
  • Know your area
  • Visit your local letting agents
  • Ask loads of questions
Location is the key, stay clear of city centres unless in London and target cheaper housing in regeneration zones or areas with high rental demand (this is where your local letting agent comes in).

Research is ALWAYS the key to success. Don't over stretch yourself and always allow for contingency costs for maintenance and void periods.

If you are thinking of investing in the North West or Fylde Coast, Tiger Sales & Lettings can provide you with investment advice and opportunities. We have highly experienced staff who if required, can undertake all aspects of purchase, management and maintenance for our clients.

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